A Small Feature with Big Impact

Genovest has a new feature! It looks small on each of the tools, but it's exceptionally useful for taking advantage of all that Genovest has to offer. Better still, it makes it easy to start executing real trades based on the strategies you come up with.

So where is it?

Take a look at the bottom, left corner of the Stock Screener, the Backtester, and Watchlist. You'll notice a small button that says "send to" with an arrow.

send to

This button lets you send the rules you currently have entered directly to other tools in Genovest! No need to copy each individual rule from one page to the next, all that work is done automatically. Sure, this is a huge time saver, but let's see how this small feature actually makes you a better investor.

A great example

I put together a quick screen that finds value-based stocks. The stocks that show up today might be good investments, but how do I know that following these rules consistently makes me money? That's exactly what the Backtester is for. Move your mouse over the "send to" button, then click "Backtest".

send to backtest

Just like that, all these rules are now loaded into the Backtester so I can test this strategy. A simple sell rule has been automatically added, as well as some sensible simulation parameters, but of course you can change these if you like.

backtest rules

When I ran this backtest on September 8th, 2017, the simulation made 24.05% while the S&P 500 made 15.01%. That's a great starting point for a new trading strategy, and I was easily able to get to this point from a Screen I made just seconds ago.

Quickly take any strategy to market

The real champion of this new feature is the ability to send any strategy to Watchlist. Once you have a strategy you're confident in, simply send it to Watchlist, and "ACTIVATE" it to see what to buy today, and get alerts on when to sell.

send to watchlist

Testing and refining your trading rules in Backtester, then sending those rules directly to Watchlist gives you the confidence that you are diligently following a quality trading strategy.

This seemingly small feature highlights a much bigger picture. All the tools on Genovest were in fact designed to be used together. Each can stand on its own, of course, but together they are a powerful suite of investment tools.